Today in the city Conway 13.11.2018
Google Wants China. Will Chinese Users Want Google?

If it wins government approval to offer its search engine in China, Google won't have some typical assets, like rich user data and integration with its browser.

Canada Will Unseat China To Once Again Be No. 1 U.S. Trade Partner. Here's Why

Canada will soon be the United States' No. 1 trade partner again, topping China. It will likely stay there, for three primary reasons: the rising price of oil, the rising U.S. tension with China, and...

Supply Chain Risks In Driving Seat As Transport Sector Changes Lane

The transportation sector will be the key driver of the energy transition. But weaning ourselves off oil may create new vulnerabilities, not least in the battery raw materials supply chain.

China Says Ex-Internet Czar on Trial Over Corruption Charges

China's former internet censor is standing trial over allegations of accepting $4.6 million in bribes.

China Growth Slows to 6.5%; Finance Officials Try to Soothe Worried Investors

China’s economic expansion slowed to its weakest pace since the financial crisis, as top financial regulators launched an extraordinary coordinated effort to calm jittery investors.

US-China trade war 'will trigger recession by 2020'

Take a trade war with China, mix in frosty economic relations with Canada and Europe, add in Federal Reserve rate hikes and here's what you get: A recession by 2020.

China Stops Buying U.S. Oil, Two Months After Record Total

China has turned off the U.S. oil spigot. A response to the U.S.-China trade war, it is a both a stunning turn-around, coming just two months after record exports there, and a stark reminder of the di...

Arvin Patel: America's national treasure is at stake in the trade war with China

Our ideas are the embodiment of our great creativity and innovation, and of America's unique system that makes them possible. A technology competition between the United States and China is being wage...

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